When a client decides to replace a window or a door, the first things that come into his mind are:

the prices. How expensive is the profile? the brand name of the profile. What brand should I choose: Gealan, Rehau, Veka ...? how many chambers should the profile have etc... Should I choose 3 chambers profiles, 5 chambers or higher; and the list could continue.

Of course these are important issues and there a many articles that gives criteria to differentiate them and what to choose.

One aspect that should never be neglected is PVC profile class.

According to European standard SR EN 12608 – Unplasticized polyvinylchloride (PVC-U) for the fabrication of windows and doors. Classification, requirements and test methods – PVC profiles are divided into 3 classes according to:

exterior wall thickness (practically the 2 sides of the profiles that you can see from inside and outside of the house); interior wall thickness (practically the side of the profiles that "sits" on the building wall and the side that sustain the glass);

as follows:

A class - exterior wall thickness ≥ 2.8mm, China PVC Air Hose Suppliers interior wall thickness ≥ 2.5mm; B class - exterior wall thickness ≥ 2.5mm, interior wall thickness ≥ 2mm; C class – no requirements.

A profile can be part of a class if both conditions are respected simultaneously; otherwise the profile is suitable for immediate inferior class.

For example: a profile with exterior wall thickness of 2.9mm and interior wall thickness of 2.4mm can be classified as B class.

You can ask the producer certificate from notified laboratory.

A window made of A class profiles has a lower transfer coefficient then a window made of C class profiles, but its price will be higher. To have a lower thermical transfer coefficient is better because China Wholesale Aluminum Coupling Manufacturers heating loss is smaller. The higher price of the window can be compensated by energy savings.

Competitive price can be obtained by having a balanced rapport between: profile class - montage depth – number of chambers.

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